Our Story

Our Story

The best things grow and thrive organically…

Much like the offerings we’re bringing via Gokai, our story, too, has developed organically, taking its time, its roots strengthening with each passing season.

We’re Reema and Aayushi!

Our story began 11 years ago, when we shared a bench at college on the first day of our undergrad programme.

What began with casual small talk soon transformed into a deep loyal bond of unshakeable faith and friendship.

At the core of our friendship lay the common vision to give back to the planet more than we take from it; to live healthfully, and to spread the gift of good health that is naturally available to all of us, if only we return to the ways and pace of Mother Nature.

A common understanding we shared was that the food we eat — more importantly, the food that is available to us — is largely laced with harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which not only degrade the topsoil, but also our bodies.

As we embarked on journey after journey to look for truly good organic, chemical free food, we discovered that food that was truly worth consuming was being sold at exorbitant prices.

That’s where the huge gap was; and no one seemed to be doing much to fill the gap.


the inception of Gokai

'Gokai' refers to the 5 principles of mindful living at the core of Usui Reiki. Through Gokai, we wish to make truly good, healthy, organic grains and other food available to everyone, with the intent that we may all live healthier longer lives with greater vitality. Because of the generations of damage that we have caused to the topsoil, it has now become quite tough to produce organic food. Naturally then, it is also difficult to find authentic organic food out there.


Gokai is our promise to you

A promise of authentic, organic food, sourced from the origin, brought to you in its purest, most unadulterated form. These are very early stages of our organic food start-up. In order to ensure that you receive the best of what the planet has to offer, we're taking things slowly, mindfully, and with immense attention to detail and quality checks. At this point you may find fewer items in our Shop. We urge you to start by sampling them, while we slowly but surely bring more organic food to our shelves.



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